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    NACDI's work is founded on the belief that all American Indian people have a place, purpose, and a future strengthened by sustainable asset-based community development. Since 2007, NACDI's work facilitates systems change through our integrated pathways of Community Engagement, Community Organizing, Community Development, and Indigenous Arts and Culture.

    NACDI utilizes these strategies to control our narrative, influence policy, and lead systems change while shifting power dynamics through shared Native values, traditions, cultures, and practices.
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  • Collaborations, Development, and Programs

    The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) plays a diverse role in the Indigenous Community.


    Here is a sampling of some of the things we've co-produced,

    participated in, or sponsored in recent years:

    Make Voting a Tradition

    Make Voting a Tradition (MVAT) is a project of NACDI to increase the amount of voter turnout in American Indian communities.


    MVAT recruits volunteers to do voter engagement work like going door to door registering voters in the Native community. MVAT is created as a partnership with the City of Minneapolis. Understanding the importance of our vote will help the Indigenous community shape policy in the years to come.


    This illustration was created by artist William Brien to commemorate the 2020 election and a family voting together.


    Download the coloring page image here.



    Four Sisters Farmers Market

    Four Sisters Farmers Market is an Indigenous-centered food market, focused on both Indigenous and hyper-local foods from Phillips and surrounding neighborhoods. The market is a program of the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI). Working with native-run farms and food producers, we will help develop a healthy, Indigenous food system that is accessible and welcoming to people in Phillips.

    Friends of the Falls

    NACDI welcomes a new partnership with Friends of the Falls, with an opportunity to build authentic, long-term relationships with Frist Nations people and shaping the future of the Upper Lock at Owamni.

    American Indian Cultural Corridor

    Every year NACDI takes a leadership role in community-based projects and events like Open Streets/Franklin, Indian Month parades, and Pow Wows. As well as helping to facilitate the indigenous-inspired photo wraps on utility boxes (pictured).


    Find out how you can volunteer for NACDI by emailing arts@nacdi.org.