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    February - June 2019

    Bring Her Home: Stolen Daughters of Turtle Island (Feb. 14 – June 21st, 2019) is a suite of exhibitions featuring works from emerging to established Indigenous artists highlighting the ongoing epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.


    In light of the local movement to stop sexual exploitation and the international #MMIW awareness campaign, Bring Her Home shares visual stories of the impacted women and families affected who resonate the plea, “we just want to know where she is. We just want to bring her home.”


    Curator Angela Two Stars and assistant curator Moira Villard bring together artist to reclaim the identities of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Rather than reduce the issue to a statistic, artists are challenged to address the complexities of this epidemic while honoring the lift of each Indigenous woman as we would a sister, a wife, a mother, a best friend, a cousin, or a daughter.


    Featuring art by Jaune Quick0-To-See Smith, Avis Charley, Molly Murphy Adams, Karen Goulet, Angela Babby, Wade Patton, Leah Yellowbird, and more…


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