Minneapolis American Indian Center

The Minneapolis American Indian Center opened in 1975, and has been a cornerstone of the urban American Indian community since that time. The building has been well used by the community, through providing space for art galleries, athletics, a café, elder programming, youth programming, sports, sobriety assistance, and many other programs and services. However the building is showing its age. Peeling paint, dark windows, and unclear circulation from outside to inside pose challenges for the building. Further, over the years the Center has evolved away from its original role as a cultural and community center and now mainly houses social service organizations. Reorganizing the programming available at the building and undertaking a major interior and exterior renovation could renew the Indian Center. The Indian Center’s greatest asset is its space. It is large with many different types of spaces that can provide flexibility for future uses. For instance, the building has the potential to host an American Indian marketplace, where American Indian goods, crafts, and food could be sold with low overhead costs for vendors. Additionally the American Indian Center is another possible location for an American Indian cultural center/museum. Open space adjacent to the Indian Center could accommodate community pow-wow grounds.


1414 East Franklin Avenue (new address)
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 235-4976

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