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We will see more changes in the next 25 years than we have experienced over the past 100. To thrive in the midst of this global change, the American Indian community must be unified and agile, work in partnership, eliminate deficit-driven methods, and invest in comprehensive asset-based strategies.
NACDI is committed to transforming the American Indian community to effectively respond to 21st century opportunities. NACDI works to promote innovative community development strategies that strengthen the overall sustainability and well-being of American Indian people and communities.

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Job Posting: Farmers Market Manager
Job Posting: Operations & Projects Manager

 Job Summary: The NACDI Operations & Projects Manager is responsible for the internal management and compliance of the organization as well as the overall supervision and management of organizational projects and assigned staff. This includes administrative functions, human resources, and employee performance and overall project management.

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 The Native American Community Development Institute announces the departure of Andy Hestness from the organization. Andy has worked at NACDI for over six years in a variety of roles including Community Development Specialist, Interim President & CEO, and Vice President.

"I believe deeply in the work of NACDI and the team of dedicated staff. The opportunity to work at this organization and with the Native community has been an incredible and humbling experience. I am grateful for the leadership of both Justin Huenemann and Jay Bad Heart Bull during my time at NACDI. I see great things in the future for NACDI and wish everyone the best." - Andy Hestness

"We'll all miss Andy and his contributions to both the organization and our community. He is a shining example of dedication, passion, and creativity and he has taught me a lot. I'm eternally grateful for his work in building this award-winning organization" - jay bad heart bull, NACDI President & CEO

Please contact jay bad heart bull at 612.235.4971 with any questions.

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1414 East Franklin Avenue (new address)
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 235-4976

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